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by laddrio June 23, 2020
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Home Loan Modification Settlement

Home Loan Modification Settlement is an 18.5 million dollar settlement entitled Hernandez, et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank NA, et al. The class action settlement is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. In order to enter the class action lawsuit, you must file the claim before July 2.

In the class-action lawsuit it has been alleged that between 2010 and 2018, Wells Fargo has miscalculated its attorney fees that were included for the purpose of determining whether the borrower has qualified for a mortgage loan under the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Read on to find a guide to the class action lawsuit.

What is the Home Loan Modification Settlement

Home Loan Modification Settlement is all about the Wells Fargo Home Loan. It is under the Wells Fargo Mortgage products. Wells Fargo is an American multinational financial services company based in San Francisco, California.

The bank offers a wide range of financial services to its customers. Mortgage and loan is one of the financial products offered by the bank. If you have a mortgage account at Wells Fargo you can check whether you come under the criteria for filing a settlement.

Requirements to make a claim

In order to make a claim you need to be a customer of the Wells Fargo Mortgage and the calculation error caused you to lose your home due to a deny in the trial loan medication process. You might have received the letter from the bank in 2018 or 2019 with data related to the error.

  • You must be a resident of the United States.
  • Must have been qualified for a home loan modification or repayment plan that meets the requirements of the government-sponsored enterprises.
  • U.S. Department of Treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program
  • If you were not offered the loan modification or repayment plan by Wells Fargo due to high attorney fees in the loan modification decision procedure.

How to Make a Claim

  • In order to make a claim you should visit the homepage of the Wells Fargo Loan Modification Settlement. www.homeloanmodificationsettlement.com
  • Now you will find a link reading ‘File a Claim for Severe Emotional Distress’.

Hernandez File a Claim

  • Click on it and you will be taken ahead to the next page.
  • Next once again click on the green ‘File Claim’ button below.
  • In order to get started you must provide your claimant ID in the white space and click ‘Continue’.
  • Provide the required information in the next space and you can submit the claim.

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Documents Required

  • Class notice
  • Severe Emotional Distress Fund Claim Form (English)
  • Severe Emotional Distress Fund Claim Form (Spanish)
  • Allocation Plan
  • Settlement agreement
  • Preliminary approval order
  • Order re motion for class certification motion for leave to file a third amended complaint
  • Defendant Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.’s Answer to Third Amended Class Action Complaint
  • Plaintiffs’ Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Reimbursement Expenses


At the bottom line, you can find the settlement agreement information above handy. We have tried to offer all the information related to the class-action lawsuit. Once you go through this post you can make a claim with ease.



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