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by laddrio September 30, 2018
CrossCountry Mortgage

Apply for CrossCountry Mortgage Loan

The pre-qualified consumers, who have received an invitation mail from CrossCountry Mortgage to apply for a home loan, can complete their web-based application process at www.3steploanquote.com.

The site allows the CrossCountry Mortgage loan customers to access the portal from any device like a computer, laptop, smartphone through the internet in the comfort of their home or anywhere at their convenience anytime, day and night. CrossCountry Mortgage loan is the best option for FHA, USDA, and VA loan holders and can be used for

  • Access cash to pay off debts
  • Money for home improvements
  • Funds for college tuition
  • Pay off medical expense
  • Buy a new car or boat
  • Pay for a family vacation
  • Refinance their mortgage and more

Prequalification Mail Code

Applying for the CrossCountry Mortgage Loans, applicants may require a mail code. Using this personalized number, they can proceed to their application procedure with an idea of how much mortgage amount they might qualify for.

In the prequalification, only the income and assets of the potential borrowers are reviewed and establish the maximum purchase price they can afford on a home and the amount they will be able to borrow. Your credit history will not be checked at this stage.

Please note that getting pre-qualified for a mortgage does not give any guarantee for approval for a loan. It only helps you find the best home financing solution, program type, rates, terms factor so that you can make the right mortgage decision.

CrossCountry Mortgage Loan Application

To initiate the application for a CrossCountry Mortgage loan and receive Refi Free Rate Quote, the eligible consumers can visit the CrossCountry Mortgage  Loans application page located at www.3steploanquote.com. Navigate to the ‘REFI FREE RATE QUOTE’ area at the top right side of the page. There you need to select the right option of your choice of the following information from the drop-down list.

  • Loan Purpose- Purchase, Cash-Out Refinance, No Cash-Out Refinance
  • Loan Amount- Less than $100,000 to more than $417,000
  • Loan Program- Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA/Rural Housing Service, HELOC, Local Agency, State Agency, Others
  • Property Use- Rent Or Own
  • Property Type- Single Family, Multi-Family, Condominium, Town Home, Co-Op, Mobile Home, Manufactured Home.

CrossCountry Mortgage

Then enter the mail code if received. In the next part, you have to provide your required contact information. The mail code is optional; you can continue the application even if you don’t receive any invitation mail offering the code

You can also apply for the CrossCountry Mortgage Loans by calling at 844-294-8733.

Streamline Refinance Benefits and Features

  • Lower interest rate
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Shorten repayment term
  • No home appraisal required
  • No income verification
  • No credit report requirements
  • No property inspection
  • Convert an ARM into a fixed rate loan
  • Consolidate debt into your loan
  • Get cash out of your home equity

Contact Information

You can reach CrossCountry Mortgage by

Phone Number


877-351-3400 (For new customer inquiries)

Mailing Address:

CrossCountry Mortgage Inc.,

6850 Miller Road

Brecksville, OH 44141





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