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by laddrio July 07, 2018

Capital One 360 Account Settlement

The Capital One Settlement is mainly to settle or close a Capital One 360 Account after someone has passed away. The settlement is managed by Capital One Financial Corporation.

Settlement Information for Single Accounts


Settling a Single Account

In order to settle a single Capital One 360 Account, you need to provide some documents via fax. They are:

  • A copy of the Death Certificate
  • A Letter of Administration or Letters Testamentary with a court signature dated within the last 2 years. (These documents let Capital One know the person they will work with to settle the account).
  • A Letter of Direction signed by all the executors requesting to mail a check. Don’t forget to include the mailing address into the letter.

Settling a Joint Account

To settle a Joint Capital One 360 Account, the joint account holder can call at 1-888-464-0727 (8am-8pm). If the required information is confirmed by phone, you need not send any document. Capital One 360 will remove the deceased person from the joint account.

If the confirmation is not done successfully, you will be contacted to let you know what you have to do.

If the estate executor is not the joint account holder, you need to provide a copy of Death Certificate.

Settling a Business Account

If the deceased customer was an authorized signer on the business account, another authorized signer can remove the deceased person by signing in to www.capitalone360.com. After that go to the business tab and edit the existing signers.

If the deceased customer is the only authorized signer, a newly authorized signer can be added by providing the documents listed below:

  • A signed Capital One 360 Business Resolution Form
  • A proof of existence document
  • A voided check to prove the person as an authorized signer for the business
  • A signed Letter of Direction with the name and email address of new authorized signer and also stating that the old authorized signer is deceased.

Important Notes on www.CapitalOne360.com/Settlement

  • In some cases, you may also be asked to provide the date of the Death Letter, past statement or a past 1099.
  • After Capital One completes to process the documents, you will receive a check 7-10 business days.
  • The check is payable to the estate.
  • There is not an early withdrawal penalty for CDs settlement.
  • If you have mailed any original document, it will be returned to the executor.
  • To settle a single Capital One Home Loan, you need to submit a copy of the Death Certificate with a visible seal, a Letter of Administration or Letters Testamentary with a visible seal and the Letter of Direction including your plans for the Capital One Home Loan.
  • Any questions about Home Loan, you can speak with a mortgage associate at 1-866-509-3906 (8am-8pm).
  • In the joint account, if the remaining account holder is minor, the minor’s parent or guardian needs to complete the Minor Account Instruction Form.

The documents can be sent to the Capital One to the following address; you can choose any of them.

Email     deceased@capitalone.com

Fax         1-866-464-5112

Mail       Capital One 360

                P.O. Box 360

                Wilmington, DE 19899

For any questions related to closing the Capital One 360 Account, you can also contact to the above addresses.

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