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ViewCitation- Pay Citation Online

ViewCitation provides the users to access the Citation Payment Portal to review their citation evidence and pay it online. The site is available at https://www.viewcitation.com/ and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week conveniently from any internet connected device like a computer, tablet, smartphone etc. The citation can be viewed at the Citation Processing Center until the violation is paid.

ViewCitation collects and retains only that information, provided by you, that is required to process your violation and comply with the city or state data retention rules. No personal information, except those submitted by the users, will be collected or recorded.

How to Log in ViewCitation

The users, who decide to use the ViewCitation Payment Portal to view and pay their citation, need to log in the Citation Processing Center. Keep your citation handy to access the required information such as license plate number, notice number etc. and follow the short guideline provide below:

  • Go to the ViewCitation site www.viewcitation.com/
  • Enter the Citation Number and PIN from your received paper ticket in their respective blank spaces.
  • Click the “LOG IN” button to review your violation evidence, court information, and make a payment.

Review CitationFor making payment, you can use your credit card. Currently, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, the three options are available to process your payment.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera Programs

In the Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera Program, the citations are primarily charged for two violations-

Red Light Violations

In this violation, the vehicle registered or leased is your name, is captured by the automatic camera connected to a traffic signal. The camera is active when the traffic light is on Red and it takes the picture of the vehicle only if it crosses the stop bar after the light changes from amber to red. The camera automatically detected the violation and takes two snapshots along with a video recording.

Speed Violation

This violation is also monitored and detected by an automated camera when the vehicle is traveling over the posted speed limit. The camera captures two photographs of the speeding vehicle.

The automated red light enforcement program is operated in accordance with the consumers’ town ordinance. And the date, time, location and red light length are encrypted on each photograph.

A few Notes on the Citation

  • This citation is not considered as a traffic ticket. It is a civil citation holding the registered vehicle owner or lessee responsible for the violation
  • The violation is not reported to the insurance companies
  • The citation does not go on the consumer’s driving license
  • Users may contest the citation by requesting an Administrating Hearing by calling the Citation Processing Center or visiting the website mentioned above

Contact Information

For having trouble logging in or any other issue, contact the Citation Processing Center at 855-370-4229 between 8 am and 6 pm EST.




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