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Tell Hand and stone survey

Complete Tell Hand And Stone Survey To Win a $5 Discount

The company operates over 400 spas located throughout Canada and the United States. While the spa was founded by John Marco it was named by his son Nicholas. Both facials and hair removal services are offered in addition to massages. Popular massages include the Swedish Massage and the Hot Stone Massage. Memberships can be purchased and paid for by the month.

About TellHandandStone Survey:

Perhaps the least demanding approaches to hear a point of view out of a client is by offering something of significant worth in return. It’s protected to state that most Hand and Stone clients would consider a coupon useful for $5 off any help or item accessible at the spa entirely significant for sure. The individuals who concur would now be able to exchange a couple of their conclusions for this worthwhile coupon by taking the online study found at the Tell Hand and Stone page. The criticism procedure can be started by first affirming the general fulfillment of the visit utilizing a 5-point sliding scale (alternatives incorporate High Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Satisfied, Highly Satisfied). When the underlying in general experience fulfillment has been affirmed the Next catch can be clicked to continue with giving increasingly point by point data about the visit. The individuals who need to set aside some effort to audit the review’s Privacy Policy can do as such by tapping the connection posted at the base right-hand side of the Tell Hand and Stone page.

So, here in the following, you can check the survey rules and procedure in a correct manner. Then, you can get the $5 off.


Eligibility for TellHandandStone survey

  • You need a Tablet or PC with an internet connection to take the survey

  • You must have knowledge in either English or in Spanish languages

  • You must be a legal resident of the US

  • Your age has to be 18 years to take part in this survey

Official Rules for Tell Hand and Stone Survey

  • No employees of the company can take part in this survey, not even their relatives.

  • You have to answer truthfully to all the questions

  • No void will be accepted

How to Complete Hand and Stone Online Survey

To take the survey go to, www.tellhandandstone.ca

  • Here, at the middle of the page click on ‘Start’ in blue.


HandandStone survey


  • On the directed page, click on ‘Next’.

  • In the following rate your overall satisfaction.


Tell Hand and stone survey


  • Then, click on ‘Next’.

  • Mention the way you booked the appointment.

  • Then, click on ‘Next’.


  • In the next change, rate,

  • The ease of booking the appointment.

  • The friendliness of the receptionist.

  • The receptionist’s knowledge of services available.

  • If you did not ask any questions, select the time it took to book your appointment.

  • The availability of appointment times that fit your schedule.

  • Then, click on ‘Next’.

  • You have to follow and rate the answers after this, and you will be able to finish the survey.

Prize of Hand and Stone Survey

You will get $5 off on your next purchase after you finish taking the Hand and Stone Survey. You have to show the code you will get after the survey, and you will get a discount.

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Services Available from Hand and Stone

  • Swedish Massage – Let relaxation set in with pressure varying from light to firm

  • Deep Tissue Massage – An intense experience designed to relieve severe tension

  • Trigger Point Massage – Pinpoints the trouble spots and applies to alleviate pressure

  • Hot Stone Massage – The spa’s signature service applies the use of heated stones

  • Sports Massage – A massage that can benefit those with an active athletic lifestyle

Hand and Stone Customer Service:

To get further info, you can call on, 905-737-6467. Send an email to, info@handandstone.ca. Or write to the company at, 1550 16th Avenue, Building D, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K9.





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