Coronavirus Rent Relief – Eviction Freeze Guide

Eviction Freeze

Eviction Freeze Guide (COVID-19 Rent Relief)

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has been huge throughout the United States. While the other areas are in a shelter in place orders. Every country is responding to the Corona virus via different ways . In this situation, governments are taking a step to prevent renters and homeowners from being evicted. The government has decided to help those who have lost their income and also losing their homes. Although, the program is complex and it can vary depending on your location.

Corona Virus Rent Relief – Federal Level

Within the United States, there is a rent relief program has been conducted by the government.

As of the CARES Act, the government has promises to provide the coronavirus stimulus package of $2 trillion. But these provisions will only be applied to the:

  • Housing covered by the rural housing voucher programs.
  • Those housing that comes under section 41411.
  • Housing which federally backed on mortgage loans.

Renters in the housing are restricted from the eviction on July 25th, 2020. While the landlords are restricted to charge any fees or any other penalties.

You should also know the legislation does not mean that you don’t have to pay the rental fees. It only means that the landlord cannot evict you to pay the rent until the summer. This program is only applicable to the certain homes. It does not cover all the renters.

Eviction Freezes and Rent Assistance

Various states as adopted the legislation and executive order for the renters. You should research the most up to date information in your area. Here is an overview of the states with some sort of eviction moratorium in place:


The government of Arizona has passed an executive order for the renters. It will delay the evictions of the renters who are affected by the COVID-19. The rent will be a delay for up to 120 days from March 24th. But still, renters have to pay the rent to their landlord.

COVID-19 Rent Relief


California’s government also passed an executive order to help the renters. Using this order the local government can pause the evictions for the renters. The service is activated up to May 31st, 2020. Many local governments have implemented their own programs to respond to this situation.


The government of Hawaii has issued the evictions, which pause the evictions until April 30th, 2020.


Indiana government also issued the evictions order in their state. It will pause the evictions until the state emergency order is lifted.


The government of Iowa also issued the executive order. That will pause the residentials and business evictions until the 1st May 2020.


They also pause the eviction cases.


The government of Michigan also passed the executive order to prevent the eviction. But will last for the April 17th.

New York:

The government of New York has been announced the three-month suspension for all the evictions for both the commercial and residential. For the unemployed homeowners, the state also suspended the mortgage payment for up to 90 days.


The government of Oregon has been issued the executive order for up to 90 days. Which is starting on March 22nd, 2020.


The government of Washington has announced the executive order up to June 4th.

Rent Relife


The government Louisiana has also suspended all the evictions and foreclosures.


The Maryland government has also taken the steps to prevent the evictions for any renters who will prove  their familier to pay the rent during the COVID-19 outbreak.

New Jersey:

New Jersey’s government has issued the executive order for up to 60 days from March 19th.

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Rent

During the Corona Virus outbreak, if you are going through financial difficulties, then we will recommend doing:

  • Read your lease agreement to understand the responsibilities and rights. Pay attention to any due dates, mention of fees and any eviction process, etc.
  • Explain the situation to your landlord. There is some report on extending the due dates, late payment, etc. The landlord will probably understand the situations we are facing now.
  • Research for the rent relief problem in your state, county, and city. The government is offering a huge number of local problems for the public.
  • During the Corona Virus, if you lost your job, then you probably applied for the unemployment insurance through the state agency. The federal government paying the unemployment payments, so you will get more money than the state government has to offer.

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Housing Support from Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is a mortgage provider and backer company. They are helping the COVID-19 affected home renters. During the COVID-19, they offers free services. Fannie Mae will help you connect with the assist with:

  • Financial coaching and budgeting advice.
  • They will help you to figure out your housing situation.
  • Online tools and other services

Fannie Mae does not offer any financial assistance. They provide helpful advice and resources to help the renters during this crisis. You will get the services for free by calling at 877-542-9273.

Government Stimulus

US federal government offers the Stimulus checks during the corona virus crisis. The government offers up to $1,200 per person, as well as the unemployed benefits and more.


If you are facing any problem to pay the rent during the Corona Virus, then you should know that the government offers the executive order to delay the eviction for the renters. You should research first if you are getting the services or not in your state.


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