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Overview of THEDatHomeService Portal:

Seamless coordination between employee and the management of the organization is necessary for effective business. Increasing work productivity is directly related to the raise in the position and profit of a company. Adhering to these same values, The Home Depot, a retailer chain of building material and gardening equipment have introduced an integrated portal and communication channel for the employee.

The portal named THEDatHomeService is introduced to meet the requirement of customers and employees all under one integrated platform. Especially, if someone newly joins THEDatHomeService, it will be easier for the person the gain the training and grip of the job in an easy manner. Without much ado, check some perks of being in The Home Depot before going through the login process.

Features of THEDatHomeService Portal:

As the staff of The Home Depot, THEDatHomeService portal brings you a plethora of benefits and easiness.  The knowledge and ease you will get through this portal will not only improve your product knowledge and productivity but will also facilitate effective transparency between you and customers and between you and senior authority. Just by entering your credentials, you are free to explore the below benefits of the portal. Have a glance:

  • THEDatHomeService portal is the mini encyclopedia of all the products of Home Depo. From chip stone to garden trimmer, you will get easy and comprehensive facts which you can effectively explain to the customer. Product specification with the updated price will be enlisted in the database. All you need to do is take a quick look and communicate to customers.
  • It is easier to contact the THD supply and monitoring team to facilitate enough distribution and supply of products. Now no need to wait for making an appointment. Just send a message and your communication will be conveyed.
  • Monthly Salary payment prediction would be easier now. You can now check the salary and bonus you have earned for a month. You can track the days and hours for which you will be paid. You can also track the number of extra hours you worked and the amount of extra salary. Likewise, you can also check the deduction in case of excess leave or lesser hours of work. Anytime and anywhere, you can check your due payment.
  • THEDatHomeService is an amazing tool if you are into the marketing team. If you have any idea regarding the effective channelizing and marketing, you can upload your creative visions to the portal. With the use of tools, you can design a framework for your ideas. If you run out of the idea, you can discuss and share your thoughts in the Home Depot Social Media Community to get the ideas. You can even share your advertisement or quotations via social media.
  • Scheduling work hours or applying for leave is easy now thanks to THEDatHomeService. Now save your time by scheduling your plans or swapping your shift with colleagues. You can also directly contact HRD and admin office via this portal saving you much time.

Checklist before logging THEDatHomeService:

Just make sure, you have few things in hand and criteria met before logging into the portal. Having those things near would help you to access the portal quickly. Quicker you learn, easier to get more productive at your job.

  • Credentials are the primary requirement for login in THEDatHomeService. Default username and password will be provided to you while you are given the joining letter during the documentation process. Once you log in by yourself, you need to change your password to more secured one and in accordance with your own choice. Also, you need to have the THD Passport information. All of these will be given to you on the first day of your training itself. However, if you do not have, immediately contact the HR department or administrator to get them.
  • The device from where you are accessing whether PC, Laptop or Smartphone must have an updated browser. The portal cannot run in the outdated browser application. Make sure to check all your updates and get them done.
  • Check if your device is connected well to a data connection or a secured Wi-Fi connection. The connection must be stable. An unstable connection may hamper the login and password changing process. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, make sure to check its security.

Easy Login Step of THEDatHomeService:

With all the information at the hand, you are now ready to proceed to the log in part. Follow this step by step tutorial to get access to your THEDatHomeService profile easily. Take a look:

  • Open your browser on your device. Paste this link: www.thdathomeservices.com to directly access the login page of THEDatHomeService. (Tip: Make sure to save this page as your bookmark. Next time, it will easy for you to directly go for the login page).
  • As a reseller, you will have a default username provided to you by the Home Depot. If you do not have one, you can easily get your account username anytime for the Human Resource Department. Type the given username in the ‘Username’ box.
  • Password too is provided to you by the HRD. You can change this default password daytime, which is discussed in the upcoming part. Check the password (case sensitive!) and enter it very carefully as it is given in the ‘Password’ box.
  • Click on the ‘Logon’ button below the form. You will be now able to explore your profile. Check out all the benefits, data, and metrics, instructions that are given in your profile and start exploring them.

Changing Old Password/Recovering the Forgotten Password:

As discussed earlier, a default password is given by the administrators of HRD to proceed with the login. However, there is a strict instruction to change the password to a more secure and user-friendly one after the first log-in. In this section, you will learn about the process to change the password after first log-in. You can also refer to this step if you accidentally forget or cannot enter the correct password. In any case, changing or recovering password has the same steps. Take a look:

  • Click on the link: www.thdathomeservices.com (Recommended to save as bookmark)
  • Below the ‘Logon’ button, click on the ‘Change Password’ link.
  • In the redirected page, you need to enter the username or User ID in the ‘UserID’ box. Remember to enter the correct User ID properly. Your account can be accessed based on this information only.



Home Depot Contact Point:

In case of any reselling query, request, and complaint, Home Depot has numerous channels to contact with them. Representatives are available and active most of the time to resolve the query. The Home Depot is for customers and by the customers. So they are ever ready to assist in every possible way. Even if you face any technical glitches while accessing THEDatHomeService profile, you can reach out to them.


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Phone Number:

Call the Home Depot Desk Number to get your query resolved. Phone Number: 1-800-466-3337.

Email Address:

For technical and customer query, write to Home Depot at customer_care@homedepot.com. You will receive your reply within the shortest possible time.

Social Media Connect:

Home Depot is now active in your favorite social media account. Follow them, to get the latest update of product release, news, and tips:

  • Youtube: The Home Depot.
  • Facebook: @homedepot.
  • Twitter: @HomeDepot
  • Instagram: @homedepot

Mailing Address:

You can also go old school ad directly write to the Home Depot regarding any request. The mailing address is

2455 Paces Ferry Road

C-20 Suite 300,


GA 30339,

The United States of America.




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